Quick Tips:

Use Your
Single Property Website in
E-Mails or Purchase the Property’s Address

Simply upload your listing photos, add property description
- click the posting button - and you will have created both a Virtual Tour and a Single Property Website that’s ready to post across the Internet.

Don’t spend money on a competition you can’t win

More effective than Google Adwords, Overture or Search Engine Optimization. Our Buyer Lead Generating System will save you thousands of dollars on a competition with big spenders while increasing your website traffic of qualified buyers by leveraging your listing tours or “Internet yard Signs” on all the major real estate search websites.

Use Your digital camera to build your business.

Today’s digital cameras can offer you big returns on a small investment. The reliability, image quality and resolutions get better and better making it even easier for you to take professional Quality photographs of all of your listings.

No more
waiting for photographers

No more rescheduling with clients

No more
$100+ bills for virtual tours

No more
special software for stitching distorted 360-degree photos

No more
seller complaints about not enough photos being on the web

A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place.

Get in the habit of building a folder structure for every listing you have.  Name the folder by the listing address, then create folders for contracts and agreements, property descriptions and one for photos.  When its time to build your tours and flyers you will have everything within reach.

Minimize the Angles and the Eliminate the Clutter.

Often time we shoot around the eyesores or the clutter.  These can lead to interesting compositions or framings.  It is far better to take the time to move the magazines, straighten the bath or load a dishwasher.  If it really is that bad then perhaps your clients really do need to reschedule.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you have a library of great descriptions already written label them for easy identification (Town Home, Split Level, Horse property, etc.) and keep them in one folder. This can really save you time with minor adjustments and customization performed on them in the tour building window once you have pasted them there.

Purchase the Property’s Address.

This is a great way to impress your seller by giving them a website with their property's address. The URL and Hosting for a year only cost $24.95
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It's an old saw but it really is true. Your Time Is MONEY.

The beauty of the ListingsMagic Tool Suite is that it is easy to use. This means it will cost you less than you think to have someone else do the work for you.

Your daughter or son or nephew or niece won’t mind making a few bucks up-loading photos for you.

Point your office assistant at the folder of existing descriptions and see what they create. It might surprise you what talent your supporters have at their finger tips once you set them on the right path.

Ultimately your business will grow the fastest if you are doing what you do best … client services.

Build a Listing Tour at a Listing Presentation

If a potential client has internet access at a listing presentation log-in and demonstrate a tour or better yet build their tour right on the spot.

Purchase the Property’s Address.

This is a great way to impress your seller by giving them a website with their property's address. The URL and Hosting for a year only cost $24.95 .
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Website Logos

Don't Pay for an
Internet Posting Service.

has you covered ...
at no additional cost.*

ListingsMagic offers you the ability to cover
most of the Internet in a single click. 
Our posting untility will have you posting
to websites like Trulia, Oodle, Google Base
and Vast not to mention the other places
your posting will get picked-up from.


Right Now ...
Posting Your Tour
to Realtor.com means
maximum exposure.

While posting is not free (*$21.95 per tour posting cost to realtor.com for agents without Enhanced or Showcase Listing Status) this exposure is critical. Realtor.com continues to represent the number one search site for home buyers. With agreements with virtually "EVERY" MLS nationwide, newspapers like the Wallstreet Journal, New York and L.A. Times and the Chicago Sun Times to name just a few pull all of their listing data from Realtor.com. Many local Television Stations across the country are doing the same.

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Every ListingsMagic tour is a website traffic generator, designed to drive buyers off of property search sites
on to your website.

Allowing you to take your business to the next level.

*$21.95 per tour posting cost to realtor.com for agents without "Showcase or Enhanced Listing Status"

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Tour Visual
Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
Free Test Drive of ListingsMagic Tour

Who Knew About Craig and his list?
Until a few years ago the only thing being sold on the internet were Grandma's curios on E-Bay. Now CraigsList.org has moved into the second most popular place to search for real estate. We believe the "community" based location, the want ad feel and very nature of CraigsList is behind its appeal. What is less appealing is the amount of time that it takes to get your listing posted, looking good and refreshed in the posting order on an ongoing basis.

We've got you covered on your local Craigslist posting too.


We have posting and updates
down to three clicks.

This means you can get your listings on to this important local website, drive the traffic to you MLS search and capture local buyer leads. You spend less time and money for way more coverage, the coverage your listing demands. Back To Top

Step 1: Choose Your Local Craigslist



Step 2: Copy The Provided Code

We provide you with all the code you'll need to create a great looking ad on CraigsList.

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Step 3: Paste Your Code

Simply Paste your code here and confirm the visual code provided by Craigslist and your done.

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CraigsList Ad

You're Finished.

You Just Created a Great Looking Ad
That's Ready to Go To Work For You
By Linking To Your Listing Tour and
Driving Traffic back to Your Local
MLS Search Tool

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Get Our Complete Marketing System
Working For You For One Low Price.

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Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
Free Test Drive of ListingsMagic Tour

A Comprehensive Way to Automate
All Your Property Marketing Tasks

What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.